April 2013 President's Corner

President’s Corner

I saw my first Robin last week. I am certain he is regretting his arrival since it has snowed several times since then, but for me, the sight of him made me so hopeful. A sure sign that spring is here. A sure sign that the freshness and new growth that spring brings is right around the corner. I feel the very same thing about Detroit.

Detroit has many signs of “spring”…….many “robins” that are giving us all hope that growth and revitalization is around the corner. Dan Gilbert, in my opinion, is one of those “robins”.
The story in Crain’s Detroit Business on “Change quickens” talks about Dan Gilbert’s plans to fundamentally transform Detroit by the end of 2015. That, to me is a sure sign that change is indeed around the corner. He has built his nest showing he is committed to stay, and is now providing confidence, leadership, and support so that growth can happen. He has put together a team of “robins” at every level to help insure that the growth will be sustainable. Lastly, he has provided those of us that have been here for generations, renewed faith and hope that our City will be great again. Those of us that have been keeping safe within our cocoons can once again spread our wings and participate in the growth and fresh ideas that he is inspiring with his passionate leadership.

Spring is indeed here.